The Scene:

President Trump announced on Wednesday that he would direct ICE agents to detain suspected illegal immigrants together, reversing his controversial policy that had separated children from parents at the border. This new directive contradicts prior statements from recent weeks, when Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has had no choice but to separate families.

The Takes:

Vanderbilt Hustler: Max Schulman believes that more state leaders should have “decried this draconian policy and decided to take action.”

•    “An MTSU poll of Tennesseans found that 75 percent of respondents wanted undocumented children to be allowed to stay in the U.S. and apply for citizenship.”

•     “Tennesseans want the Dreamers to have a home in the United States and don’t respond well to no-amnesty, ultra-conservative rhetoric about immigrants.”

Harvard Crimson: Laura Viera-Ramirez thinks undocumented immigrants like herself “have thrived in the face of obstacles unimaginable by the people who hold [their] fates in their hands.”

•    Illegal immigrants have “been reduced to statistics on [their] economic worth. [They] have been reduced to people who can only provide physical labor and then told to leave for stealing jobs.”

•    They “are clumped together under the hateful term ‘illegal immigrant’ and stereotyped as the Latino and the criminal.”

Berkeley Political Review: To Rudraveer Reddy, “modern nation-states are defined as much by what they wall in as they wall out.”

•    “Immigration, like any other government policy, needs to be tailored to the needs of the citizens of this great nation, and not to the sensibilities of those who want to migrate to it.”

•    “The natural lottery does provide some cruel outcomes but it would be simply arrogant and incorrect to assume that a government can or should correct those inequities.”

•    “The most work a United States government official can be expected to do is to verify that the foreigner he or she is admitting into this country can assimilate into its values both economically and socially, thus preserving the greatness of its character and legacy.”

The Bottom Line:

Regardless of political alignment, this executive action should be viewed as an act of concession by the White House. While the Trump administration has often defined itself through its hardline border stance, this shift shows that it is not invulnerable to public pressures. 

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