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Wednesday, May 30th - 2018

Quote of the day: "Ivy day. March 28, 2018. This day is marked by memories of crying so long in a vacant parking lot that someone called the police to make sure I was okay." - Ivy League Applicant


BIG: Walmart pays for college:

(Washington Post)

Retail giant Walmart has decided to sponsor U.S. employees seeking a college degree, creating a path to graduation for only $1 a day either online or on campus. Any of the company’s 1.5 million workers is eligible to sign up (they estimate ~68,000 will) at 3 colleges – University of Florida, Brandman University in California, or Belevue University in Nebraska.

·     Why? This newest initiative counters discouraging trends of turnover and poor treatment of staff, and may subtly nudge other industry leaders (*cough, Amazon, cough*) to follow suit.


COOL: 10 students weigh in on state of college admissions

The NYT expose on the references condensed accounts from 10 students, highlighting memorable, frustrating, desperate and motivational experiences – sharing everything that played a role from eating disorders to Hurricane Maria to fateful scrolls through “I got in!” posts on Facebook.


ALSO COOL: J.J Watt and others receive honorary doctorates

(JJ Watt | Twitter)

J.J Watt, Chance the Rapper and Jimmy Carter all were honored:

·     J.J Watt

        o  Skillset: NFL Defensive Player of the Year

        o  Venue: Baylor University

        o  Best Quote: “#CanTheyPutMDonMyJersey”

·     Chance the Rapper

        o  Skillset: Grammy-award winning artist and philanthropist

        o  Venue: Dillard University (Louisiana)

        o  Best Quote: “You have to push forward and surpass [your heroes’] greatness”

·     Jimmy Carter

        o  Skillset: 39th POTUS

        o  Venue: Liberty University

        o  Best Quote: His crowd “is even bigger…than it was last year” when Trump spoke.


QUESTIONABLE: WSJ releases 2018 College Rankings 


Research Universities > Liberal Arts: The report, which crowded prestigious universities near the top, seemed to pin lower scores onto liberal arts colleges such as Williams, Pomona or Amherst (22nd, 23rd, and 28th respectively).


WORTH THE READ: GPA? SAT? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   per The Atlantic

The Atlantic points to a trend in college admissions – schools are increasingly less focused on historic metrics for screening candidates such as standardized tests and GPA. Instead, they place more value on recommendations and other elements of the application.

·     Moving away from “Snapshot” metrics, which can be affected by uncontrollable variables.

·     Focusing on the “whole” applicant – appraising character more than stats.

·     The unpredictable admissions “crap shoot” may be more unpredictable

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