TUSCALOOSA, AL - College campuses can be a target for criminal activity. Unfortunately, our nation has seen the repercussions of rising collegiate crime. While feeling safe on campus is extremely important for students’ well-being, crime is inevitable. Campus police do their best to prevent fear on campus.

To further heighten campus security, police departments are installing ShotSpotter, a gunfire detector and alert system to accelerate response times in an active shooting scenario. The University of Alabama is conducting a live ShotSpotter test on August 7th.

ShotSpotter devices will be set up around campus for the live test in which 36 rounds are fired by an officer into a close-range bullet catcher. The test will be conducted at two different sites on campus, according to UA News.

Similar to a smoke detector and alarm system for a fire, ShotSpotter alerts police of shooting events so that students will be aware of gunfires wherever they are on campus. Detecting both indoor and outdoor gunfire, active shooting incidents will be better regulated by police because its audio sensors can determine gunfires from different similar sounds. “The system uses acoustic technology to notify local police departments precisely if, when and where gun incidents occur so officers can respond faster and more safely,” UA News reads.

Because of improved response times, all those on campus will feel more secure in knowing they have a better chance at survival should a gun-related crime occur.

Quick police presence can also deter potential active shooters. According to ShotSpotter’s website, “Real-time active shooter alerts are critical so that first responders can arrive almost instantaneously to the proper location with as much situational awareness as possible.”

Implementing this technology is another way to keep students, faculty and staff safe. All those on campus have the right to feel confident in their well-being. Knowing that our campus security is enhanced with ShotSpotter should allow all members of the campus community to feel more safe.

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