UVA Student Council

LOS ANGELES, CA – The annual Enormous Activities Fair was held at UCLA on Tuesday. Hundreds of freshmen and transfer students flocked to the Royce Quad to find clubs they would like to be a part of.

More than 800 student organizations and campus departments set up tables at the fair and members standing at the stalls tried to absorb new recruits into their respective clubs. However, the Activities Fair seemed more chaotic than usual. Every club member had to raise their voices to be heard over the hustle and bustle of hundreds of students milling about.

In fact, the crowds seemed to be larger than the years before. However, this is not a coincidence. This year, UCLA received a record-breaking number of applications – 102,000 freshmen students and more than 22,000 transfer students, resulting in a bigger enrollment cap as well.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, UCLA offered admission to nearly 16,500 outstanding high school seniors and more than 5,500 transfer students. Of these students, 13,700 are residents of California. With such large numbers, it is no surprise that the annual Enormous Activities Fair did not go as planned. The quad was packed with students milling about and shouting out club names.

It was hard to tell which table belonged to which club and there was hardly any space to move around between the different rows. However, although UCLA’s large enrollment may have made the campus more crowded, it did lead to one positive result – more diversity.

In total, more than 1,000 African-American, nearly 3,800 Chicano/Latino and 120 American Indian students were admitted to UCLA. UCLA also admitted 135 veterans and 170 foster youth. This increase in diversity will lead to an academically beneficial campus environment where people can learn from each other.

Therefore, the large turnout in Tuesday’s Enormous Activities Fair resulted in crowds of students rushing to join various clubs. However, these crowds are a small price to pay for a diverse and well-represented campus community.

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