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The Scene:

Here we go again, back to Hillary Clinton’s emails. As the Justice Department’s Inspector General is expected to announce his long-awaited report on the Clinton email probe on Thursday, America circles back to perhaps the most contentious narrative of the 2016 election. While returning to the scandal may seem like beating a dead horse, President Trump’s repeated assertions that the investigation was “rigged” in Clinton’s favor have warranted this report.

The Takes:

Fordham Observer: Catherine Atherton sees a “larger trend of dishonesty” among the Clintons.

•    “In a press conference, Clinton merely brushed off the issue of her email scandal, stating that it was for “matters of convenience,” a response that 74 percent of Democrats found dishonest.”

•    “The Clintons have continually demonstrated their unequivocal desire to break the rules and have on several accounts chosen their own gains over the benefits of the nation.”

University of Georgia Red & Black: Chetan Hebbale believes “Clinton should be indicted on felony charges.”

•    “Virtually all of the media coverage surrounding the Hillary Clinton email scandal has been whether or not there is classified information on her private server, and if she knew about it. What has been far less discussed, however, is whether or not Hillary Clinton committed a felony under Section 793 of US Title 18, the Espionage Act, by willfully transmitting sensitive information of ‘the national defense’ to ‘any person not entitled to receive it.’”

•    “If the FBI concludes that the identity and location of this individual was authentic, then Sidney Blumenthal, an employee of the Clinton Foundation, was sending highly classified information from his AOL account to the Secretary of State’s private email server — even though he was never given a security clearance”

The Bottom Line:

Whatever this report may say, it is sure to fuel partisan fires. Democrats will claim that Clinton’s emails are of no relevance given our current political climate, and Republicans will reemphasize the scandal to deflect attentions from Michael Cohen’s apparently-impending cooperation with the Mueller investigation. Some storylines just won’t die. 

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