Along with top Sanders aids, Uyger and Kulinski launched Justice Democrats, an ambitious and much needed initiative. Their states goal is “recruiting Justice Democrats to run a unified campaign to replace every establishment politician in Congress in 2018.” While the mainstream media have laughed off the effort, it has already raised over $21.5 million, has 200,000 members, and has received over 8,000 nominations for potential candidates. 70 candidates have already been vetted, and 30 are currently being trained. The group’s platform is a progressive’s dream, including single-payer health care, raising the minimum wage, and most importantly, none of the groups nominees are allowed to take any corporate donations, ensuring they will only be serving their constituents.

        The reason this initiative is so important is that the Democratic establishment is what allowed Trump to win. Over the past 6 years the Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats in state legislatures, they have lost the house and the senate, they have lost a plethora of governorships, and Trump got elected. That is the definition of failure. Any party that loses that badly has to be replaced, and that is what Justice Democrats are going to do.

        The organization understands the problems which plague the party. In a recent video, Kulinski blasted the Clinton campaign for a recent study by the Wesleyan Media Project which found that only 25% of Clinton’s ads focused on policy, which is less than any other campaign’s ads since at least 2000. Kulinski said that Clinton was “one of the worst campaign he’d ever seen in his life”

        While some sympathetic to the establishment dismissed the group when it launched, Justice Democrats came roaring into the political spotlight late March when the majority of house Democrats refused to back a bill supporting Medicare-for-all. Over the course of only a few days, Justice Democrats, working with other progressive organizations, were able to flip 10 Democrats into backing the bill. This was done though the massive number of supporters the group has already amassed. A clear message was sent to the establishment Democrats who thought they could ignore the will of the 81% of Democrats who support single-payer health care: Get on board or get replaced.

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