ITHACA, NY – With the mission of encouraging veterans to pursue undergraduate degrees, Cornell and fifteen other academic institutions proudly host the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP).

Beginning in 2015, the WSP at Cornell prepared 15 veterans for the transition to collegiate life. Introducing them to the process of declaring majors, scheduling courses, earning scholarships, resources on campus, and more, the WSP offers its summer participants an early glance into higher education. The veterans’ enrollment at Cornell will, however, require a consideration of the emotional implications of switching to collegiate culture.

The weeklong seminar, running for the third time this year from July 23 to July 30, concentrated on the participants’ reading and writing, but also on the immersion into Cornell’s community. Professors discuss activities and procedures central to life at Cornell.

The Warrior-Scholar Project initially started at Yale in 2012. Since being adopted at Cornell, the Project has integrated two veterans into its undergraduate program, slated to graduate in 2018 and 2019.

The Cornell Undergraduate Veterans Association, or CUVA, has contributed significantly to the increased enrollment of veterans at Cornell through alumni support and policy refinements. While at Cornell, the veterans may also find comfort in sharing their military experiences with fellow WSP participants.

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