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At Brown University, the administration’s amnesty policy keeps students safe. Rather than attempt to stop underage drinking, the university makes help readily available and punishment free. Brown’s easy-access and anonymous Emergency Medical Services program encourages students to seek help. The program allows students to call for medical help anonymously and free of charge. Within minutes of a call, an ambulance and paramedics will arrive to take care of any student in need.

On freshman move in day, roughly six hundred students moved into Keeney quadrangle. Later that night, six students were taken to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services for misuse of alcohol. Six alcohol overdoses evidences an overwhelming wave of reckless behavior, paradoxically the use of EMS exhibits the responsibility that the amnesty policy encourages.

At a dorm party, freshman Jake Kauppinen encountered an emergency situation when he noticed a girl passed out. Because of the university’s amnesty policy Kauppinen felt free to call for help.

“EMS is a great system because it keeps students safe,” Kauppinen says. “They’re very professional and they get to the emergency situation very quickly. Because they keep everyone anonymous it encourages people to ask for help when they need it instead of covering things up to protect their identities.”

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