<p>Hunter Campbell - Princeton College Democrats | College Reaction </p>

Betsy DeVos is not a friend of public education. She consistently rails against public schools, saying that they’re failing, and that the solution is privatization and charter schools. The people of Michigan have already seen DeVos’ plan at work, and know how disastrous it is. The charter schools that were built with great support from Betsy have consistently underperformed the public schools in the state. She claims that adding school choice is the answer America’s problems in education, but what she really pushed for in Michigan was a lack of oversight. DeVos also failed to answer basic questions given to her by Senators Franken, Sanders, and Kaine. She could not tell Senator Murphy that guns should be kept away from our schools. Betsy DeVos is a disaster, and our nation’s children will suffer the consequences of her confirmation.

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