Cannabis Culture

Criminal justice reform is one of the topics that I think the libertarian party could use to pick up interest from the left side of the isle. With 4/20 coming up, my Young Americans for Liberty group decided to plan a “Criminal Justice Reform Week”. It is has always been our tradition to educate people about ending the drug war on the day of 4/20, but we decided to take our activism to the next level by starting the week with a mass incarceration event, and also adding a 4th amendment day.

Overall, we are well received on campus. One of the main reasons I left the republican party was their inaction when dealing with criminal justice reform. There seems to be this unspoken rule that when you are conservative, you also have to ignore all the racial prejudices that happen in our court and prison systems. It is also surprising and hypocritical to think that the same party that cares so much about getting more money into our economy, refuses to legalize a harmless drug that has already shown positive economic results.

There are so many social issues (like the drug war, gay marriage, and sometimes even abortion) that millennial republicans tend to agree on, and their party has not caught up with them yet. However, I also couldn't find myself ignoring some of the economic issues too. So, I found myself somewhere in the middle in a party that likes to call itself socially liberal, and economically conservative.

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