Gage Skidmore

The same PPP poll showed Bernie Sanders defeating Trump 52/41. Furthermore, the Fox News poll showed Bernie Sanders as the most popular politician of the ones included in the poll, with an approval rating of 61%. Sander’s positive polling extends back to the Democratic primary where matchups between him and Trump showed Sanders winning by 10 points or more. On top of this, Sanders is also the politician with the highest approval rating among their constituents, with 3/4 of Vermonters saying they approve of Senator Sanders. 

Bernie Sanders has the best chance of defeating Trump because the Vermont senator has a message which resonates with the American people. Just like how Americans wanted a strong progressive after the disaster that was the Bush presidency, people will want a strong progressive after Trump. Sanders is a scandal-free, progressive, extremely well-liked candidate who can win in 2020. Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party’s best hope of ending its streak of failures that has plagued it for the past 6 years. Sanders has already been able to frame himself as an outsider candidate who is not connected to the shortcomings of the Democratic Party.

He has a proven record of supporting overwhelmingly popular policies like single-payer universal healthcare coverage and making public colleges and universities tuition free. Furthermore, in a recent Harvard-Harris poll, it was found that Bernie Sanders had the highest level of support regarding who should be the Democratic nominee in 2020. It is clear that in order to beat Trump, we need a candidate that we know will win, and as of right now the only potential candidate who can offer that is Bernie Sanders.

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