Early Returns

Removing this tax will not generate economic growth, it will just slow it down, hurting millions of Americans in the process. The removal of the Alternative Minimum Tax is just one of several proposed changes that will only help the wealthiest of Americans. The top individual tax rate will be reduced from 39.6 percent to 35 percent. This change is only applicable to those earning more than 400 thousand dollars a year. Taxes created by the Affordable Care Act to help more Americans be covered, which applies only to those making over 200 thousand dollars a year, will also be eliminated. Trump’s tax plan will greatly reduce the government’s revenue, hindering its ability to help Americans in need. To even come close to affording this disastrous tax plan, funding for the entitlement and welfare programs people need most will be slashed. Working and middle class Americans already pay their fair share in taxes. Now, it’s time for the wealthy to pay theirs, not for them to get even more tax cuts at the expense of millions.

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