Evan Al-Min

“Isn’t Trump the superior guy to Hillary Clinton vis-a-vis the Supreme Court and those issues,” asked the reporter.  

“I don’t know,” the former GOP nominee answered.  “I hear him saying a lot different things.”

This is the dilemma most conservatives were in this fall.  Since getting the nomination, Trump was saying all the right things and making all the right promises.  But could he be trusted?  This was a man who stated Planned Parenthood did wonderful things, suggested President Bush allowed 9/11, and claimed single-payer healthcare was a good idea.  If elected president, would he actually honor his promises, or would he go rogue?

A month and a half into the Trump Administration, these fears have been put to rest.  In my opinion, President Trump has abandoned the more loony ideas proposed in the primary (a Muslim ban, a 35% tariff on China) and instead embraced traditional conservative values and policy.  He ended thousands of burdensome regulations.  He fast-tracked the Dakota Access pipeline.  He re-instituted and expanded the Mexico City Policy, banning foreign aid to organizations that facilitate abortion.  He appointed a long-term school choice advocate to lead the Department of Education.  He released a plan to cut the Department of Energy in half.  He appointed the most tough on crime senator to be Attorney General.  He has already started work on securing the border.  And, most importantly, he appointed a renowned judge with impeccable conservative credentials to fill the seat of the late Antonin Scalia.  

Has Trump’s presidency been flawless?  No.  But at this point any traditional Republicans not on board the Trump Train are just being stubborn.  The man has stuck to his word.          

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