LOS ANGELES, CA – The 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics will lead many of the world's best athletes to UCLA'S campus. Although this event will bring publicity to UCLA, there are definite negatives to the situation as well.

According to a news release, the International Olympic Committee announced that the cities Paris and Los Angeles will be hosting the 2024 and 2048 Olympics respectively. Pauley Pavilion and the Hill on UCLA will be used to house Olympic athletes.

Some facilities from other college campuses, such as the University of Southern California’s Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, will also be used for the games. Although this is a great opportunity for UCLA athletes to possibly train with international athletes and gain more experience, there are several negatives to this plan.

Firstly, the campus will be filled with athletes and summer school students, which will only add to an already crowded campus. Additionally, the gym and stadium will to be too crowded for summer school students to use. In fact, summer classes might even have to be canceled to accommodate these athletes.

The news release also declared that the International Olympic Committee will contribute $1.8 billion to Los Angeles youth sports organizations. “We are very happy that, as part of this Host City Contract, we are able to increase the access of the city’s youth to sport, and encourage the healthy lifestyle of Angelenos for the next 11 years,” said Thomas Bach, IOC President.

In today’s day and age when obesity rates have risen drastically, more exercise and sports is a great option to boost the health of the Los Angeles community. Thus, I believe that Olympics athletes using UCLA campus facilities will hinder summer school students. However, the funding given by the International Olympic Committee to youth organizations in Los Angeles helps to negate this side effect.

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