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SEATTLE, WA – The students of Oberlin are in shock to learn that a recent graduate was charged with four counts of murder.

Oberlin President Carmen Ambar states that “The nature of this crime is horrific, and the grief of family and friends immeasurable. And yet Orion is one of our own.”

Orion Krause ’17 was arrested in Groton, Massachusetts. The crime in question is the first homicide case in Groton since 1996. The victims in the quadruple homicide were identified as Krause’s mother (60), Kraus’s grandmother (85), Kraus’s grandfather (88), and the couple’s caretaker (68).

Orion Kraus’s relatives were all found dead inside the family home, while the fourth victim was discovered in the yard. All four died of blunt force trauma. A baseball bat discovered on scene is believed to have been the murder weapon.

A neighbor reported that Orion Krause approached his back porch naked and covered in blood. He supposedly stated, “help me please, help me please. I murdered four people.” The motive for the murders are still unknown. The Oberlin campus is confused, and disturbed. Many describe Orion Krause as a calm, and talented, jazz percussionist.

It is difficult for the student body to accept that someone from their own small college of about 3,000 may have committed such a gruesome crime.

Others are troubled that Orion lived in such a close proximity to themselves, and their loved ones. Further, many are distraught about President Ambar statements that “Orion is one of our own.” Some students are questioning if the comment was intended to make them feel sympathetic to the alleged perpetrator of a ghastly crime. Krause’s next court date is on October 30th.

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