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The Scene:

In a fitting twist for an unusual Major League Baseball season, Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game was a showcase of homerun power, high-strikeout pitching, and little else. All-stars hit an record ten homeruns in the game, scoring all but one of the game’s sixteen runs via the long ball. MLB attendance has been significantly down this season, leading the League and its owners to express concern over this new style of play. We find out what college students think about All-Star Weekend.

The Takes:

Georgetown Hoya: Tyler Park thinks the “all-star game needs changes.”

•    “In my opinion, the MLB All-Star Game is by far the best all-star game in American professional sports.”

•    “However, the MLB All-Star Game has one great flaw — it decides home-field advantage for the World Series.”

•    “The MLB All-Star Game is a great event and is well worth watching for baseball fans. However, at its core, it is just an exhibition game, designed primarily for the fans rather than the players or the league. There is no reason to attach something as important as home-field advantage in the World Series to a single exhibition game.”

UConn Daily Campus: Stephanie Sheehan explains “the problem with MLB All-Star Game voting.”

•    Although “The MLB All-Star Game continues to set itself apart from other sports by being the only All-Star game that counts for something,” fan voting “completely undermines its entire purpose.”

•    The game should “honor the best players and secure home field advantage, no matter how bad the team they play on is.”

•    “If I had it my way, the players would vote on who they think should make the roster, and the manager for each league would devise their starting lineups from there.”

University of Florida Alligator: Dylan Dixon argues for Major League Baseball “to add new All-Star events.”

•    While All-Star Weekend is “entertainment at its finest,” adding “more to this week’s festivities” could improve the event.

•    “There should be two more events added to the schedule along with the Home Run Derby:” a timed race around the bases and a long toss challenge.

•    “These two events might seem simple in nature, but they’d go a long way in adding intrigue and excitement to MLB All-Star week.”

The Bottom Line:

Students are dissatisfied with the current all-star format. This weekend is one of the few where there are no major professional sports games for sports fanatics to consume, and fans want more individual festivities like the Homerun Derby to showcase the game’s biggest stars. Although America’s Pastime has made certain changes- most notably adding video review- to remain relevant in our fast-moving digitized world, the MLB must continue to adapt in order to thrive. 

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