"Cyrus?" he called out in an identifiably Australian accent.

My ostensible sulk broke into a grin, as UNC Punter, Tom Sheldon walked over to this dejected pair of college journalists. 

"Sorry mate," he offered - alluding to a logistical miscommunication that jeopardized our scheduled interview, which occurred after we arrived in North Carolina.

As we were ready to pack up and head home, we got a text from a Team Official who - with Tom's help - gave the go ahead to do the interview as planned.  

We walked through the complex, past Coach Fedora's golf cart, catching glimpses of UNC's pristine Kenan Memorial Stadium thanking divine forces for letting us talk to this punting phenom. 

We should mention; Tom Sheldon is not your average college ballplayer. Sheldon is a former Aussie Rules Football player, who committed to the Tar Heels at 26 years-old. 

Despite his unusual path to starting for an ACC Football Powerhouse, Sheldon is an easy-going, witty and intelligent college sophomore. Here are 3 particularly fascinating things Tom Sheldon taught us in our sit-down interview:

1. He has a brother Jack, who is a Sophomore punter at Central Michigan University.

Jack Sheldon averaged 40.2 yards per punt in his Freshman campaign for The Chippewas.

(CMU Athletics)

2. Australians don't drink Fosters - it's an American marketing stunt akin to Outback Steakhouse. 

"Yeah we don't drink Fosters," he told us, setting the record straight on one of Americans' default questions to Australians we meet: "No Fosters in Australia...or here," he clarified. 

3.  Tom is tight with his long snapper

Sheldon mentioned that some of his close friends on the team include "Tommy and Kyle: the two-headed monster" who are two of the team's long snappers. Tommy, who also was around during the interview was credited by Sheldon as a "semi-professional surfer."

Even before learning about Sheldon's noteworthy route to College Football one thing was clear: Tom can punt. He averaged 42.7 yards/punt his Freshman season - good enough to earn Freshman All-American Honors, and land him on the preseason watch list for the Ray Guy award (the award handed to College Football's preeminent punter.

Bearing in mind his sheer ability, acumen and exceptional attitude, Sheldon should stand out as an attractive NFL Prospect. 

From these Division 3 College Baseball players to a standout ACC Punter, we salute Tom Sheldon as an extraordinary, fast-growing talent whose game has taken him to incredible heights, and something tells us he'll keep climbing. 

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