The Ringer

The Scene:

Lebron James announced late Sunday night that he will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers next NBA season. In stark contrast to his highly-publicized prior announcements, he released this decision via a single tweet by his agency. James will join a young Lakers team looking to make the playoffs for the first time in five seasons, an unusually poor showing for perhaps the NBA’s most historically significant franchise.

The Takes:

Ole Miss Daily Mississippian: Sam Logun thinks the Lakers “provide James a historic organization to help win a championship and a great city to retire in with his family.”

•    “The Lakers have enough cap space in their budget to give the King all the money he wants.”

•    “The problems facing Lebron… loom in the region of player personnel.”

•    “Lebron already owns property in LA and rumor has it he just enrolled his children to schools in the LA area.”

University of Georgia Red & Black: Michael Hebert believes Los Angeles provided “a much more attractive option” for James than any other destination.

•    James will have “at least one other superstar on his team next season.”

•    This move makes sense because “he wants to immediately compete against the Warriors for a championship.”

University of Iowa Daily Iowan: Adam Hensley believes next year’s Lakers “could easily be as high as a 3-seed in the Western Conference.”

•    A potential “’Big Three’ of James, Leonard, and George mixed with the current Los Angeles supporting cast would easily challenge the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets for the top seed in the West, let alone an NBA title.”

•    “I think Los Angeles pulls this thing off, signing James and George while trading for Leonard.”

•    “Will the NBA-sphere go up in flames? Absolutely. You’ll have people raging at Commissioner Adam Silver over the league’s super team “problem,” Laker fans chirping about how they’ll be hanging banner No. 17 next June.”

The Bottom Line:

Lebron James is a man who tends to get what he wants. Although some are saying that only adding he will make the Lakers a playoff team but not a championship contender, we cannot assume equal access to information under these circumstances. Lebron would not sign with a team unless he had definite confirmation that he could immediately compete for a ring. As such, expect more major news in the coming days publicizing a new NBA super team in the City of Angels. 

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