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The Scene:

The White House’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy has fueled public outrage since its publicization. The policy has caused separation of undocumented families. In response, politicians and activists including first lady Melania Trump have spoken out against the administration, urging for more humane treatment.

The Takes:

UC Davis California Aggie: The California Aggie Editorial Board believes “it’s not right to subject innocent children to a life of uncertainty at an overcrowded shelter or with an unfamiliar sponsor.”

•    “Children should not be held hostage to their parents’ decisions, regardless of their immigration statuses.”

•    “The Editorial Board encourages Americans to questions such volatile policies and consider the lives of innocent children, just as they would children with United States citizenship.”

UC Berkeley Daily Californian: Malini Ramaiyer tells the story of Luis Mora, an undocumented Berkeley student, who suffered “two weeks characterized by both fear for his future and determination to stay in this country” after being taken into custody by Border Patrol at a routine traffic stop.

•    According to Mora, “Border Patrol custody was most horrible. Horrifying, again, to see how they treat people.”

•    “They will dehumanize immigrants constantly. They will feel superior because they have papers and others, and we of course did not.”

•    Additionally, Mora “recalls the constant use of fear tactics to convince detainees to sign their own deportation.”

San Diego State Daily Aztec: Will Fritz covers a presentation by the Undocumented Migration Project, which explores “the dangerous day-to-day lives of migrants and human traffickers.”

•    “Migrants who die attempting to cross into the United States are not unintended consequences of border security” because of America’s “prevention through deterrence policy.”

•     “The border is only fenced off in populated areas, forcing immigrants to cross the border in the rugged and inhospitable terrain located outside of population centers.”

•    “Since the U.S. Border Patrol has begun using this policy, migrant deaths have spiked” according to “statistics from both the U.S. Border Patrol and the American Civil Liberties Union.”

The Bottom Line:

Immigration remains a contentious issue in the contemporary U.S., especially considering the White House’s hardline stance on the border. Although increased border security was one of the president’s most passionate campaign points, following through on those promises has raised human rights concerns. The administration will now have to walk a fine line between fulfilling its stated obligations to voters and respecting immigrants’ humanity, a surefire catch-22. 

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