LOS ANGELES, CA - One thing that bothers me about the UCLA campus during summer is that libraries aren’t open during their usual hours. Now, I would not usually care about this topic if not for the fact that I’m taking summer school, just like the hundreds of other students here. As a student taking summer classes, the material covered in 10 weeks is compacted into 6-week courses instead.

You can imagine the amount of extra work a student will have to do to get good grades in summer classes. I have five papers due in my 6-week class, and my friend has three midterms. As such, students need to use the library more than ever. But the meagre 9 am to 5 pm library hours are barely enough, since most students finish class at 5 pm and cannot make it to the library to study after. UCLA is known for having an extensive number of study spots on campus, boasting a total of 12 different libraries. However, if they can’t stay open beyond 5 pm, then they are of barely any use.

Out of the 12 libraries, four stay open till 5 pm. Three of them including Powell Library and Charles E. Young Research Library stay open till 7 pm. All libraries are closed past 7 pm. Nowadays, most college students procrastinate a lot. Therefore, if I have a midterm or paper due the next day, I usually start studying seriously around 6 or 7 pm. But the UCLA libraries’ reduced hours during summer make studying an almost impossible feat.

I like having a quiet environment to write my papers in. Aside from campus libraries, such an environment is pretty hard to find. Furthermore, the libraries open at 9 am in the morning. If a student had to print out their paper early in the morning, the library is of no use yet again. In such a scenario, summer school students are unable to utilize any benefits from UCLA’s extensive libraries, except maybe borrowing a book or two during open hours.

I hope someday the summer hours of libraries will be the same as the ones during the academic year. But for now, I guess all summer school students will just have to study in their apartments amidst all the chaos of cooking and new roommates.

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