College Reaction Polling conducted a survey on news consumption habits among the college demographic.

Overview: An online survey of 3,268 college students was conducted using College Reaction’s national polling infrastructure from July 17th to August 21st. College Reaction implements a custom randomization approach to offer all members of a college's population an equal opportunity to be surveyed. Samples are aimed to represent the US college student population.

Click here for full report, data breakdown and methodology.

Key Points:

Preferred news sources


 New York Times

• Fox News

Trust in news media

• 46% trust, 37% don't trust, 17% can't decide.

Preferred Device to access news

• 80% cell phone

Monthly news budget

• 73% wouldn't pay anything.

• 22% would pay up to $5.

• 5% would pay up to $50.

Preferred platform to access news

• 58% use social media.

• 17% receive text updates.

• 10% visit the web site directly.


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