The Scene:

The Mueller investigation will take another interesting turn, as CNN announced early Wednesday morning that it has obtained tape of a secret conversation between President Trump and Attorney Michael Cohen. The recording shows that the president did have knowledge of a plan, executed by Cohen, to purchase the rights to the story of Karen McDougal, a former Playboy playmate who claims to have had an affair with Trump. Following this breaking news, we delve into what college students think about the ongoing Mueller investigation.

The Takes:

USC Daily Trojan: Lily Vaughan thinks the “Mueller investigation will yield important change.”

 •    “We are getting closer and closer to a day when we won’t have to suffer hordes of blind reactionary groaning at the statement we all know to be true — it looks like Trump colluded with a foreign government to win an election.”

 •    “We live under one of the worst American presidents in history who does not lead with the popular mandate and may not even be leading with a legitimate electoral one.”


University of Arkansas Traveler: Mike Spendio argues that “Trump should avoid [the] Mueller probe.”

 •    “There is still arguably little evidence that provides a direct link to the president receiving help from the Russian government.”

 •    “Trump made it clear when asked for his opinion on an interview with Mueller that he would ‘love to…’ It’s not irrational to say that this is atypical behavior for someone accused of a crime.”

 •    “I don’t consider myself a Trump supporter, but I also know a trap when I see one. The very idea of the president sitting down for an interview with Mueller and simply having a well-intended conversation is asinine. Trump shouldn’t only decline to be interviewed. He needs to avoid the Special Counsel entirely.”


The Bottom Line:

 This tape is a major development in the Mueller investigation. Michael Cohen is a longtime confidant of the president who has extensive knowledge of Trump’s family, businesses, and political practices. The tape’s release highlights a shift in strategy showing that Cohen, who is under investigation by the FBI, may now be turning against his former employer. 

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