The Scene:

The once-critically acclaimed sitcom, "Roseanne," enjoyed a brief revival this year - prompting tense discussion over the show's deliberate attempt to appeal to Trump conservatives. The show met an abrupt end yesterday, when Barr fired off a racist tweet targeting Valerie Jarret - a senior advisor under the Obama administration.

(NY Times)

The Takes:

University of Maryland Diamondback: “Roseanne Barr’s public image has not aged well,” writes Maeve Dunigan who examines Barr’s politics, noting that “Barr voted for Trump,” and that “Roseanne, the character, is also a Trump supporter.” Diving deeper, Barr made a haphazard run for president on a “Green Tea Party” ticket and eventually received 0.05% of the popular vote in 2012 (6th place overall).

The piece highlights Barr’s confusing political convictions, noting the hypocrisy in her belief in a “right to abortion, opposition of the death penalty and staunch support of gay rights,” and her support of Trump. And, while avoiding any on-the-nose puns, Dunigan reminds us that Barr now lives on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. 

The Bottom Line:

Despite her liberal stance on most issues of consequence voted for Trump, and has framed the show's remake as an ode to the "forgotten" class of working-class Americans on which Trump has so often focused his political energy. While news networks, pundits and most significant players on the conservative political spectrum have been quick to lay into Barr, their reprimands come in contrast to a wave of conservative praise for her style. All things considered, the bipartisan scrutiny of the comments are a distinct case where Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC have all fallen in line, supporting a common position, albeit in differing degrees.

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