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NEW YORK, NY - Barnard College has spent the past three months conducting a search for their eighth president. While student rumours of candidates like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton floated through the halls, the Board of Trustees set their sights on the University of Chicago. The college announced last month that UChicago Executive Vice Provost, Sian Leah Beilock, will step into office July 1st.

Beilock’s appointment comes from the early step down of previous college president, Deborah Spar, who led the school for almost nine years. Spar terminated her contract with Barnard 16 months early to become president and CEO of Lincoln Center in March. Upon news of the resignation, the board of trustees unanimously voted for interim president, Robert Goldberg. The decision to hire Beilock honors calls from Barnard faculty to choose an individual with a background in academia.

During her time at Chicago, Beilock wore many hats. Her research as professor of psychology focused on girls’ and women’s success in math and science. She studied the effects of performance anxiety as a product of teacher, peer, and self-pressure. Beilock consistently committed herself to the advancement of education. She founded a university-wide program called UChicagoGRAD that was designed to help the 9,000 plus grad students develop skills to serve at the forefront in their fields of academia, government, industry, and the nonprofit sector.

Beilock is a both a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of the National Academy of Kinesiology. She has recently added winner of the the 2017 National Academy of Sciences’ Troland Award to her list of academic achievements. She herself attended the University of California, San Diego, receiving a Bachelor of Science in cognitive science and then went on to earn doctorates of philosophy in psychology and kinesiology from Michigan State University.

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