The Scene:

Apple announced on Tuesday that it will discontinue the iPhone SE and iPhone X in anticipation of its 2018 suite of new releases. This is an unprecedented move for the tech behemoth, and it has confused analysts. While some believe the company, which said sales are exceeding expectations but that it wants to focus on new products, others think Apple has made this choice because sales of the new phones are sluggish.

The Takes:

Colorado Independent: Chris Koehler explores the iPhone X.

•    “Apple seems to be hell-bent on reducing and complicating the core features of their new products.”

•    “While the new screen does look gorgeous, I can’t help but feel that it fails to make up for the loss of the home button and the Touch

•    “Apple claims that its change from the Touch ID was motivated by the increased security of the Face ID. However, it really seems like a compromise just so they could keep their unique screen design.”

UT Austin Daily Texas: Areeba Khwaja interviews her peers about the future of the iPhone.  

•    “Apple’s next move for the iPhone will be to market it as a hub to connect with Apple’s other product lines, including Apple Airpods, Apple Watch and, as rumor has it, the potential augmented reality glasses Apple is developing.”

•    “Since Apple has placed an emphasis on augmented reality and artificial intelligence, I see a future where the iPhone camera will allow users to learn more about our surroundings beyond just saving a photo.”

The Bottom Line:

College students were never truly wowed by the iPhone X to begin with. While the iPhone is undoubtedly a college staple, many students cannot justify dishing out big money for the newest iPhone when older models have most of the same features for a better price. If Apple wants students to reach deep into their pockets for the newest iPhones it is going to have to unleash serious innovation in 2018. 

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