#1 Marco Rubio Chooses Gov. Nikki Haley as Vice Presidential Candidate

Rubio received a key endorsement from the South Carolina Governor before the South Carolina Primary. While most simply see this endorsement as only that, but Haley represents an excellent potential choice for a VP. Whoever she endorses has a very good chance to secure South Carolina, so her choice is crucial. Furthermore, her status as a female and a Southern moderate nicely compliments Rubio's profile. 

#2 Joe Biden Makes an Endorsement, or Hints at New Democratic Candidate

Hillary Clinton's campaign is imploding. She was blown out in New Hampshire, and is statistically tied in Nevada--a state she should have won handily. Joe Biden, who rarely gives interviews, has decided to sit down with Rachel Maddow tomorrow evening. Biden may hint at a new ticket (Biden/Warren?) or he may make a key endorsement to attempt to shift the momentum back in Clinton's direction. 

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